The Argus coverage of Trans Pride Brighton


Dear Mr Beard,


I am writing to you about the article published in The Argus, Monday 29th July, page 5; The Return Of Doggy Pride.


As a proud doggy owner I was over the moon to read about Brighton’s hosting Doggy Pride, for too long doggy owners have had to fear for their lives while walking the streets of their home town, just because of the fact that they own dogs. Ever since they were young they have had to hide their love of dogs from the people they hold nearest and dearest for fear of being physically and mentally abused and shunned. I think it is wonderful that doggy owners are finally standing up for themselves and showing the world that they are not ashamed to be who they are and embracing their identities. Together they are stronger.


I think it’s disgusting that people demean and misrepresent doggy owners, grouping them with other completely unrelated things such as trans* people, I mean, trans* people have never had to put up with the hardships that doggy people have, they have never had some newspaper editor infer that they’re less important than… oh, wait…


Let me start this letter again.


As a trans* person, Trans* Pride Brighton committee member and an ex dog owner (and aspiring future dog owner) I kinda feel that The Argus has been a bit disrespectful to Europe’s first ever trans* pride event, I don’t think you’ve given it enough credit. The significance of this piece of British history has seemed to have passed you by. It’s understandable though as trans identified people are probably the smallest minority there is, less than 20,000 have been through the NHS system and we are easily forgotten. Even so, this doesn’t make the fact that Trans* Pride Brighton was a runaway success  with a footfall of over 1500 people was any less newsworthy. I just found the way we were mentioned as an afterthought in a Doggy Pride article a bit insulting.



I am writing to you because I want to see if there is a way we can fix this, can we talk about it? If you don’t want to talk to me personally, (I can understand why I come across as a bit strange) why not check out this website They promote greater understanding between media professionals and the transgender community. Anyway, you sent a photographer down and it would seem a waste not to use his photos, no?





Sarah Savage.


EDIT 21:45 30/07/13

I have received a reply from the News Editor and I think it’s a bit of a win…


Dear Sarah,


Thank you for your email.


I am sorry the story appeared to belittle the importance of the Trans Pride event. That was certainly not our intention, but sometimes we get things wrong.


As a result, we have republished the story online and will include a lengthier version with pictures in tomorrow’s paper.




Lawrence Marzouk
News Editor



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