Trans women aren’t real

Of course trans people aren’t real! When you think about it, nothing is real. The images your brain sees are just countless photons reflected from the person you’re looking at, beamed from the sun, millions of miles away. There is a difference between something real and something existing, I can think real thoughts about unicorns dancing on a rainbow but unfortunately, that thought will never exist.

When for instance, people like Dame Jenni Murray says that “hormones and surgery don’t make trans women real women” they are trying to twist the argument from the outset. Trans women are real because I’m sat here writing this and I’m a trans woman. People like Jenni Murray are actually trying to say that trans women don’t exist. 

She’s trying to claim ownership over the concept of what makes a woman, how womanhood is defined. People who say that trans women aren’t ‘real’ women are projecting their own ideas based on their own experiences onto a large group of people who have their own subjective idea on the concept of being a man or a woman.

So what makes a person a man or a woman? Biology isn’t a yes/no thing and without getting into how varied hormones, chromosomes and primary sex characteristics are in the billions of humans, it’s fair to say the argument isn’t simple.

Being raised or socialised as a girl or boy is such a subjective thing too, different cultures around the world place all kinds of expectations on all genders. There are exceptions to every self imposed rule that mankind has invented to being male or female.

The reality is that the idea of what makes a real woman just doesn’t exist. It’s a unicorn dancing on a rainbow, an idea in someone’s head.

It’s kind of sad when someone says that trans women aren’t real because all they’re doing is desperately advertising their hatred in the hope that others will join in. On this occasion it’s Dame Jenni, last week it was someone else, their ideas about what makes a woman real are different to mine, yours and to every other woman and man on the planet. Trans women exist and it’s completely irresponsible to suggest that because another woman doesn’t live up to your ideas of womanhood she isn’t a real woman. It is up to each individual to decide, stop forcing your ideas on other people!

It’s almost exactly the same arguments used against gay people. In 2017 we shouldn’t have to waste energy pointing out how harmful these arguments are. I despair, I really do.