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Ok, I’ll talk about my opinion on the recent opinion piece in the Scottish Sun about people with non binary identities. Janett, please understand that I’m not having a go at you personally, none of us are perfect and a mistake has been made and you have apologised and are listening to the constructive criticism. From what I understand you and the Beaumont Society have been campaigning for trans rights and acceptance for more years than I’ve been alive so I respect and thank you for that immensely.

My issue with the Beaumont Society is that in recent years these faux-pas have happened with some regularity, correct me if I’m wrong but there was the Paddy Power thing, the issue with the trans guy who gave birth and now this. Each of these times it would seem apparent to me that while the intent was good the result was that it caused people upset, three times opportunities have been missed and although hindsight is a wonderful thing, it should have been clear that when something is outside of an organisations knowledge base, outside help should be sought. There is no shame in that as we are all in this together and have broadly the same goals.

For what it’s worth I self identify as non binary, I’m female but value the male traits that make me who I am and when I talk about ‘trans’ issues I mean to include all facets of gender variance, from cross dressing to acute gender dysphoria and this is where I believe the Beaumont Society could give more thought. The gender landscape is changing fast with young people growing up in a world where expressing their gender in a non binary way is becoming widely accepted and I think every trans organisation should shape their policies in such a way to be totally inclusive of any and all gender variant expressions.

What is important is how we all move forward, everybody needs to work together as nothing is achieved by infighting and placing blame.

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  1. Sarah, I am afraid that I came to the conclusion some time ago that the Beaumont Society were really INTERESTED in transgender issues. It is ok to make a mistake, get the wrong end go the stick, misunderstand an issue- I am as “guilty ‘ as anyone.- and to be fair I’ve only read the headline you showed-but it quite another to publish “authoritative” articles based on scant knowledge. That goes for a number of people who purport to speak “for” us. And what is this nonsense about moral “rightness” or “wrongness”? To even suggest this to me seems insulting to those whose sense of self depends on identifying as non-binary. As a woman who knows ( thinks she does anyway) where her gender Identity lies, i should pipe down but feel hurt for people who may feel their very being is put up for discussion. I know how those kind of attitudes affect me and it isn’t pleasant.

    • Thanx for the reply Alice, it frustrates me hugely when a person or organisation attempts to speak for me, this should have been flagged up immediately as an issue that was outside of their knowledge base and the journalist simply signposted towards an organisation who specialises in non binary identities. The ‘morality’ of self identifying as non binary is insulting at best IMO…

  2. Hi Sarah – I think this weeks VLOG will address many of the concernes raised across the net and UK trans community. Thanks for taking part and building bridges with the Beaumont.

    It was good and could act as a go-between referee here as it was neutral ground and had the potential to get inflammatory. But I think it went well look out for it on it is Episode #48 here

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