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How to move faster WITHOUT breaking things

In 1978, United Airlines Flight 173 crashed just short of Portland International Airport. Due to a landing gear malfunction, the aircraft was circling the area trying to resolve the issue; the copilot and flight engineer hinted to the pilot as to the state of the fuel system, but these hints were ignored until the engines flamed out. Ten people died.

On April 4th, 2022, Atlassian inadvertently deleted a number of cloud accounts. The incident stemmed (according to their own report) from a miscommunication coupled with executing the wrong set of commands against a script used for day-to-day operations. Several customers were without access to their cloud instances for more than two weeks.​

What do these two incidents have in common? Failures in communication and procedures led to disasters that could have been avoided.

Communication is key

Whether you’re flying an airplane or deploying a piece of software, communication is a crucial part of your day-to-day work. When the people responsible for critical operations fail to communicate with others who have key pieces of information, systems break down.

That’s bad, in software and aviation.

As an engineering leader, you know that you are responsible for ensuring the security and safety of your application. And it all starts with solid communication.

What you’ll learn

This talk is focused on showing you the way to instilling communication practices within your organization that cut across teams and enable cross-functional interaction that helps you move fast without breaking things.

With an emphasis on deep communication skills, and drawing from the experiences of aviators for whom crucial decisions are a matter of life and death, you’ll unlock the secret world of my “team communication framework.” This framework will enhance your ability to interact, communicate, and most importantly, understand different perspectives within your organization.

When and where?

The talk will be on May 30th, 2024 at 12 pm Eastern (16:00 UTC, 09:00 PT, 18:00 CET). Right now there are no plans for a recording, so don’t miss out! Register today.

Don’t miss out! Register for this webinar now.

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