Why Jersey States members are homophobic and transphobic



Yesterday the States of Jersey (the local government) voted to delay the introduction of equal marriage laws because they want undertake a study to look into it’s long term effect. Eighteen States members voted for equality, integrity and respect, nine didn’t bother whilst a whopping twenty four voted for homophobia, transphobia and bigotry.

I do not call these Jersey States members homophobes, transphobes and bigots lightly. Those are words that should be only used when a person truly deserves it but I feel that in this case my use is appropriate. Voting to delay equal marriage is sending a clear message that the right to love and marry another person is only for straight people, and that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents of Jersey do not deserve that right. The Senators and Deputies are saying that people who are LGBT are less equal, they don’t deserve to marry their partners.

These Jersey States Members are hiding behind a flimsy excuse, do they think that their (expensively publicly funded) study is going to uncover some previously unknown effect of equal marriage? Seven hundred million on this planet live in a place where they can marry whoever they love, and what, the States of Jersey thinks that their study is going to find out something new? Their refusal to make a clear stand on supporting equality and justice says it all. Equal marriage exists all over the world and society hasn’t collapsed, the moon hasn’t exploded and the Alderney hasn’t won the Murratti.

Perhaps that is what they are scared of, gay marriage changing the social fabric of Jersey so much that we become rubbish at football and Alderney takes the cup forever more. Because I can’t think of another even slightly more logical reason.

The arguments for and against equal marriage have been gone over far too many times, battles have been fought and won in the highest courts of the world and it has been proven over and over again that the result of equal marriage is simply that more people get married to the ones they love.

I put it to you that ANY argument which tries to assert that gay couples should not have the same right to marry the person they love, just the same as straight couples is intrinsically homophobic. History will show anybody who makes a stand against equality to be the homophobic, transphobic bigot they are.

I wish I could be in Jersey this Saturday for the first ever LGBT rights parade Hopefully soon the local government will see the error of their ways and fix this.


These are the names and email addresses of the politicians who voted against equality should you want to let them know your thoughts, as a regular tax paying voter, on the matter.


Votes for delaying a decision on equal marriage –

Senator Sarah Ferguson – s.ferguson@gov.je
Senator Ian Le Marquand – i.lemarquand@gov.je
Senator Francis Le Gresley – f.legresley@gov.je
Senator Ian Gorst – i.gorst@gov.je

Constable John Gallichan – j.lesueurgallichan@gov.je
Deputy Anne Pryke – a.pryke@gov.je
St Clement
Constable Len Norman – l.norman@gov.je
Deputy Gerard Baudains – g.baudains@gov.je
Deputy Susie Pinel – s.pinel@gov.je
St Peter
Constable John Refault – j.refault@gov.je
St Lawrence
Constable Deidre Mezbourian – d.mezbourian@gov.je
Deputy John Le Fondré – j.lef@gov.je
St John
Constable Phill Rondel – p.rondel@gov.je
St Ouen
Constable Michael Paddock – m.paddock@gov.je
Deputy James Reed – j.reed@gov.je
St Saviour 
Constable Sadie Rennard – s.rennard@gov.je
Deputy Rob Duhamel – r.duhamel@gov.je
Constable John Le Maistre – j.lemaistre@gov.je
St Helier
Deputy Jackie Hilton – j.hilton@gov.je
Deputy Richard Rondel – r.rondel@gov.je
Deputy Mike Higgins – mr.higgins@gov.je
St Brelade
Deputy Sean Power – sp.power@gov.je
Deputy John Young – j.young@gov.je
St Mary

Deputy John Le Bailly – j.lebailly@gov.je

4 thoughts on “Why Jersey States members are homophobic and transphobic

  1. Sorry Sarah. Your comment that ‘9 did not bother’ is unfair to most of that nine. One in particular is battling cancer at a relatively young age, several were out of the island on States business and another two were ill. There were in fact only 2 that stated, not in the chamber for the vote. While I understand your anger, you are being unfair to those there were not in the Chamber through no fault of their own.

  2. How can you accomplish a democratic result with such a large proportion unable to leave their sick bed or knowingly absent?

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