Make the Russian Olympics the Gayest Ever!

Unless your head has been buried in the sand for the last few months you will be aware of the recent rise in attacks on the LGBT community in Russia and the laws that ban “homosexual propaganda.” (Whatever the crap that is.) In about six months time, on the Soviet Black Sea coast there will also be the small matter of the winter Olympics, the largest winter sports festival on the planet will be happening in a country that is endorsing and encouraging the oppression, rape, torture and murder of our fellow human beings.


There is not much more I can say about how wrong this is that hasn’t already been said, people now need to figure out how to react to this. It’s already been pointed out that simply not turning up is unlikely to work, proven by the fact that the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow was boycotted by 65 countries led by America, but history has all but forgotten that. Google “political protest at the Olympics” and there is little mention of boycotts, number one result is this image though.



Which brings me to the point of this post, my idea, for what it’s worth is this: Make this winter Olympics the gayest ever, wether you’re spectating or taking part wear rainbow colours, rainbow unicorns covered in glitter if you can. Ask athletes to do whatever they are willing, rainbow flags, socks, gloves and scarves, anything that will show their support of LGBT rights. How amazing would it be to see people standing up for those being oppressed? The smallest gestures are sometimes the ones that achieve the most and I hope that  the conscience of the worlds will be pricked by these small actions.


The Olympics have always been a great inspiration for children and adults and we cannot turn a blind eye to the way people are being treated, this winter is an opportunity to stand up and be counted. Together we can show the future Olympic generations that everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter who they are, race, religion, sexuality and gender aside, we are all human and we are all in this together.




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11 thoughts on “Make the Russian Olympics the Gayest Ever!

  1. The athletes and teams have to sign up to an adhere to an extremely strict dress code or they are not even allowed to enter the stadium arena so this is unlikely to happen.

  2. Statistically just about every Olympic team must have at least one LGBTQ member. I would have thought the other team members would refuse to participate in the games in solidarity with their team mate. A few high profile refusals to participate would be a real message to the Russian authorities and the rest of the world..

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