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So this whole My Transsexual Summer thing will come to an end tonight and I’m thinking about looking to the future. There has been such a huge reaction from everybody and it seems like I’m riding the crest of a wave, which I don’t want to stop. I got to thinking about how I can continue the momentum this program has built up and also about things I want for the future.
Dream job? I want to be a writer. I want to make money out of something I think I’m good at and I really enjoy and that is writing. I’m in the early stages of writing a book about this summer because there is so much that went on during such a momentous chapter in my life that some people would really benefit from reading it. I have a lot of it planned out and about ten thousand words written so I’m going to concentrate on that over Christmas.
I also want to see if I can get an article published or ideally a regular column in some sort of publication, I’ve been in touch with the Argus in Brighton and am hoping to hear back. What I’m looking for is some kind of regular income, a job of some sort. I’ve had a very varied working life, I started out from school as a Rolls Royce car mechanic and worked in a few garages for 4 years. Then I moved to Ibiza and worked at a rock club for 3 years, I used to stand outside the door and talk people into coming in for a drink and even DJ’d heavy metal for a season in the back room. Since then I’ve been a fishmonger, installed Sky TV and audio/visual systems in peoples houses, I can install and fix Apple computers, I’ve been a labourer, warehouse worker, driver, the list is almost endless. I seem to be able to pick things up and learn new skills easily.
I don’t know even how to begin making money from writing, a good start would be a working AdSense account but it’s been disabled for some reason and I can’t figure out how to get it working again. Can anyone help with anything?
I’ve also started a fundraising page too, for some hair removal so I don’t have to shave every day and to see a gender specialist so I can begin my hormone therapy. Both these things will take years before I get to where I want to be, but both will make a huge difference to my life so please, if you can spare it, donate to my transition fund. Heres my Fundraising page. I made a quick video about it too…
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  1. Just wanted to say that the first thing I thought when I read one of your previous blog posts is that you are a very good writer. I really hope you can make your dreams come true. A column would be amazing.
    Your strength is so admirable. I wish you all the best! Good luck!

  2. Wish you all the best with your fundraising, will check that page out. I also want to be a writer, I'm torn right now between a crime novel or a non-fiction write up on the tyranny of social workers, family courts and forced adoption – decisions, decisions! 😉
    My eldest ,12, just told me that he 'doesn't mind if I want to be a man'… bless him! But I think I'm happy now being my own crazy mixture of F/M 😉
    You are a true inspiration Sarah you really are, I'm gonna feel bereft after 2nite (although we've got you taped!) Is there any chance of a follow-up series?
    Blog again soon!
    Loadsa love xXx

  3. To answer a question yes you CAN get hormones and other treatment on the NHS although they are very reluctant to shell out for a lot of other treatments deemed “cosmetic” although these are very important to many people. However the transition process can be a dificult and very expensive time. Journeying to different hospitals, time off work, parking, telephone calls, new clothing to name but a few things. All this at a time when as folks saw on the show many find work difficult due to resession AND predudice. I myself am having to set up my own business in order to get by. I have never been so skint. So if you can guys and girls please spare what you can to any of the Tansexual Summer team as they've earned it and by the sounds of things CH4's made all the cash. Although it looks like they all got things out of it. Just keep chugging along Sarah after all this is where it starts chugging, All the best Annie Gray

  4. Hi Sarah, i wish you all the best in the future and hope you can make a success out of writing as you seem to have a natural talent for it, i for one would love to read this book if you can manage to get it published when it's finished..

    you and the rest of the MTS gang are a real inspiration


  5. Hi Sarah, writing for a living ain't easy! You can sell articles about pretty much anything on Magazines such as That's Life! and Full House pay for 'real life stories' but it depends how you feel about 'selling your story' of your experience transitioning. You could put advertising banners on your blog, and Twitter is always a good way of increasing blog traffic. Doing guest posts for other people's blogs is a good way of getting your name out there. You can also get very nice business cards made up cheaply at, then go to networking events and hand them out like mad! Writing Magazine and Writer's Forum are two good magazines full of advice and news of opportunities in the writing world, and it's worth getting on The Writer's Compass emailing list for regular news of writing competitions etc. Hope all this helps! Best wishes xx

  6. What a wonderful programme. I smiled and I cried. How lucky you all were to have one another. Very good luck in your ambition to be a writer…it really is the best job in the world. You seem to be a lovely soul, with lots of empathy…it's a great headstart in the literary world.

  7. Hi Sarah I have watched you on the show since the beginning and I must say you are a very genuine person who is very inspiring to me. After reading your blog I would say you seem to be good at writing and very motivated so I'm sure you can get somewhere with it! Best of luck with everything you do! Don't forget to keep smiling! 🙂 Oh and I love heavy metal as well, rock on! m/

  8. Hey…I thought you were great in the program – a real inspiration. it was lovely to see your transformation throughout the series. I hope it all works out well for you. Escaping Jersey was probably one of the most important things you could have done (I managed that 20 years ago and have never looked back). It is a very biased oppressive place and the world out there is very different. Good luck – I know you will do well.

  9. Hey Sarah, watched the ,last programme last night and was wondering how you were goin g with the move to Brighton? I know how you feel about wanting to be there so badly, I fell in love with it 3 years ago and finally managed a move to a town just down the train line from there. It felt like coming home. Sending you all the luck and love in the world, you're an amazing and truly inspiring person.

    Mishka xxx

  10. The Wales Primary Care Trust have agreed to fund your treatment,and have referred you to the gender clinic in London. You have also had other important mail that I will be happy to re-address if you let me know where to send it.

  11. HI
    Please stay STRONG! You are an inspiration to me. Keep smiling. Your story made me very sad especially about the self harm. I'm sure you're much happier now. Btw, if you're interested in more wigs, there is this wig shop i know called wonderland wigs and they sell fantastic wigs. They are synthentic so you can't really straighten them or curl them (pain in the ass). But anyways thank you so much for the entertainment. Remember to stay strong!!

  12. HJi, it's Sarah, my internet has been a bit patchy the last few days, i've given him an address to send it to and when it arrives i'll read what it says. Obviously the spanner in the works is the fact that I no longer live in Wales and the PCT where I live now will be informed so NHS funding will need to be approved. I want to get started with hair removal anyway ands hope to have a consultation next week.

  13. the series was lovely, am glad you were a part of it, you gave a lot of yourself , and your sincerity was touching, felt as if I'd met you. Really hope you've made it to brighton, I love the city, came here as a punk in the 70's, realised it's the most cosmopolitan, liberal place for anyone to come live in and I still enjoy the place as much as ever ! if ever you need another friend in brighton, am here for ya ! I expect you've had a little bump back down to reality now the series is over, but all will be well for you I hope , stay strong , be happy x

  14. Hi sarah, just saw you on tv my transexual summer. Basically jaimee my wife who used to be a man, didnt have the op was pre op, and on hormones, but so beautiful, if you saw her you'd never think she was born a boy. Basically she took her own life in july, and i'm still finding it hard to get my head around it. You are so happy with yourself and it's good people are excepting more. but my wife was a tourtured soul. She couldn't wait. If she was still around I know she would have been on the show with you all, or atleast contacted you. Your attitude is strong and you believe in yourself. But jaimee didn't emough, plus his ex took his kids away from her. She was the best women ever to come into my life. Well done at you getting so far. I really want to start a transexual awareness/ mental awareness campaign. jaimee would so admire you. all of you. Juju 🙂

  15. I'd like to help anyway i can too. It would feel good and i know jaja would be so proud of me doing this, i'd be doing for you me and jaja 🙂

    Juju 🙂 You can find me on facebook under dark Julie Maye I know there are websire but seeing you i saw you were real. I really dont need some fake you know what i mean 🙂 Trust me i've met ones that even pretended to be jaja's friend when really they just wanted to get her for themselves. Give me a buzz juju x

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