Why no platforming Germaine Greer is a mistake

Two decades ago I was caught in the grip of a cult indoctrination, from birth I had been force fed information which lead me to believe that the whole world was against me. Three times a week I was taken to church services which drummed these lies into my head, complete with group chanting, fear mongering about the imminent coming of Armageddon which would bring about the death of billions of non believers and public reproof announcements about anybody who had transgressed their authoritarian moral codes.

Being the child of a man who was desperate to join the ranks of the higher-ups in the cult It didn’t take much to piss off the Elders, by the age of thirteen I had already lost count of the number of times I had been called in for ‘Biblical Council’. It didn’t take much, pointing out the logical fallacies of dinosaurs, Darwin and carbon dating to a young earth creationist was never going to go down well. Asking why the founder of the cult based his failed prophecies on pyramidology was a sure-fire way to end up sitting in a cold back room with two greying men in polyester suits for two hours.

The simplest definition of a cult I’ve ever read is this: A person is free to leave a religion but when they leave a cult, sanctions are imposed upon them. My early memories of life have a menacing storm cloud hanging over me, if I didn’t show enough belief, enough repentance, enough obedience, my family, friends and virtually everybody I had ever known would shun me. The people who helped raise me from a baby would cut me out of their collective lives and treat me as if I were dead.


The mantras those men made me repeat are still burned into my psyche; “bad associations spoil useful habits” (1 Cor. 15:33) AKA don’t hang out with non cult members. “The heavens and the earth are reserved for fire and are being kept until the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly people.” (2 Peter 3:7) AKA everyone not in the cult is going to die.

Slowly but surely the orwellian inculcation took over. I worked out that if I didn’t question what the leaders said, if I just kept my mouth shut, I would stay out of that cold back room, my life would be easier and people would just leave me alone to my apostate thoughts.

This was my childhood, almost half my life. No questioning. No discussion. No dissent. Toe the party line or we will take away everything that is important to you.

Nowadays things are different, I have learned to question everything and everybody, time has taught me that to get a full understanding of any subject I must listen to all sides of a story. When I freed myself from that horrible cult I read books by Anton LaVey and Erich Von Daniken, I read about Reptilians, Orthodox Judaism, ghosts and Scientology. Nothing was off the table and brick by brick I rebuilt my life from the foundations up but this time it was with the benefit of being able to see the full picture.

What does this all have to do with no platforming, I hear you ask? I have to declare my passionate opposition to this practice, banning somebody who’s opinions you disagree with can never end well, I know this from bitter experience.

I haven’t made it to university yet, when I was leaving school I genuinely believed the world was about to end very soon so I found another path through life but from what I can tell, universities are supposed to be the place where opposing opinions are heard, people are taught critical thinking and how to form arguments for and against subjects. To be fully informed about any subject, a person must listen to all sides and make up their own mind. No platforming just polarises the debate further.

Germaine Greer is a transphobic idiot. Her anti trans diatribe is disgusting and she deserves ridicule as a dinosaur from the feminist dark ages, somebody who is so stuck in her hateful ways she really is comparable to a Kool-Aid drinking cult leader. Debate her, show how science has proven her wrong, write a book taking down her vicious transphobic opinions. Laugh at her, Photoshop her face onto a giant turd, print it onto a t-shirt and go take a selfie with her. Just stop with this no platforming malarkey because once the precedent is set things will only end badly.

2 thoughts on “Why no platforming Germaine Greer is a mistake

  1. Hi Sarah

    I really could not agree with you more. it is only ever by public discussion attitudes get challenged, discussed, discredited and then changed. From my own perspective, I was the first disabled child in the South East Council area to attend a full time mainstream school. that took my parents an exhausting 6 months fighting to achieve – I had to have my own “mentor” with e at all times and have to have my own area at playtimes and not allowed to be on my own at any point. Times changed and I survived by sheer bloodymindedness. i have more friends in the trans community than any other – they operate at another level of intelligence and gender and sexuality which no-one else will ever get close to understanding. Greer is stuck in the past. Giver her the platform and then pull her down line by line, argument by argument. Discuss, debate, dissent. I would like to have 1 hr of her time – I would wipe the floor with her idiotic statements. More importantly my own statement – Trans women are MORE female – they have spent a lifetime wishing, learning, understanding and developing their own gender and sexual identity. Can she imagine for one second just how hard it is to be a person who isnt supposed to exist in a mainstream identity?
    Keep going Sarah xxxx

  2. Not everyone is as easy to help as you. People like Germaine Greer have their heads so far up their own arse that they would rather continue spreading their hate than admit they are wrong. I speak from experience of having to deal with these people as a trans person.

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