Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl?


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Isn’t it time we stopped putting our children in pink and blue boxes?

After a successfulTinyl Kickstarter crowd funding campaign ‘Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?’ has been crafted as a tool to help children talk about gender creatively and to assist parents, family and teachers in giving them the space to express themselves fully, explore different identities and have fun at the same time.

Our main character, Tiny, prefers not to tell other children whether they are a boy or a girl; they like to play dress-up, as both a fairy and a knight in shining armour. Tiny’s friends don’t seem to mind but when they start a new school some other children struggle to understand. Read along as Tiny settles into a new friendship group, overcomes the problems they face, and help to teach children the world over that gender is something to be cherished, explored and enjoyed!


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