Screw You And Your Stereotypes ( I Will Never Be A Girly Girl)

I had a conversation today with someone that ran along the lines of many, many conversations I’ve had over the years, it went something like this:
Me: “I love that the new Top Gear is on, they have the new Mclaren MP-12C and the new Lamborghini!!”
Person: “You’re not very good at this being a female thing, are you?”
I mean, really??????
When I left school I was an apprentice mechanic at the Rolls Royce dealership in Jersey, long ago I lost count but I’ve owned at least 50 cars since I was 16, I am inexplicably and unashamedly obsessed about an internal combustion engine attached to four wheels and a seat. Since when does gender have to do with that?
When I was on day release from the garage at the local college there was a woman in my class studying with us, and to be honest, she was way better a mechanic than I ever was. What is it with people assuming that to like something you have to be a certain gender? Today I met a woman who’s boyfriend is obsessed with pink, Lauren, one of my best friends from home can kick my ass at Playstation, I’ve worked on building sites next to female plumbers and carpenters and I’ve met men who are more obsessed with makeup and beauty than I am about cars.
When will people realise that every time they try and pigeon hole one gender into a certain role they are just reinforcing outdated and needless stereotypes? This kind of thinking has to stop right now. Some young boys like playing with dolls. Some young girls like playing rough with the boys her age.
Why does one activity or another have to be gendered? Why can’t we all just BE?
Just because I am female it doesn’t mean I have to live up to what you may think I should do. I like cars, video games and finding out how things work, this doesn’t make me any less female. I also like makeup, shoes to die for and watching Loose Women but people choose to ignore this when they question me about my love of cars.
As I mentioned in a previous blog this reinforcement of stereotypes starts at a young age and I believe it takes a certain type on mind to see around it, analyse everything, ask why, question motives, this is the only way that we can embrace and promote gender variance and freedom of expression as nothing more than personal wellbeing.
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76 thoughts on “Screw You And Your Stereotypes ( I Will Never Be A Girly Girl)

  1. While you are right in what you say, I did stop and think about the line ” this doesn’t make me any less female ” now liking cars, computer games and so on, does not change or say anything about gender as its known both sexes use and enjoy all of them. What does make you less female however is the fact that you have a penis and not a vagina. You were not born with a womb to conceive a child, the greatest thing a woman can do, give life. You are a man, male. Who wants to be a woman, doesn't make you one though, sad to say but true. I want to be Batman, never going to happen is it? you see my point. Life your life how you want to, but wanting and being are two very different things. You were just meant to be a man.

    • i belive that you are one of millions of uneducated *F tards, a transexual does not Want to be a diffrent gender. you see girls like me and sarah have female brains its due to a genetic F up in the womb, body changes brain remains female x y chromosones and all tht scintific bs, so before saying you are a man you should educate yourself! now go crawl back under the rock you came from!

    • What a load of crap you spew, go educate yourself before you put someone down. Sarah is a woman, and a beautiful one at that, now do as the above comment says and go crawl back under your rock.

    • I think the person is right actually and makes sense. The two comments above only prove his/her point in this especially the bit about it being a fuck up in the womb Hahaha please are you serious? there was no fuck up. He was born a boy and was given a penis therefore like every other male on planet earth is male. I fear for humanity with people like these two walking around and being able to have kids, its frightening, the intelligence of a child.

    • What an awesome way to think…..back in the dark ages. Being transgendered isn't about wanting to be something we're not. It's about wanting to correct what is basically a birth defect. The fact that Sarah had the guts to go on telly and put herself out there for the transgender community should mean that she shouldn't have to put up with small minded individuals like you posting hate filled transphobic comments on her blog.

    • Did you not read this comment?
      “By your logic, Anonymous, this means that a woman who can't conceive or a woman who has had a hysterectomy is also not a woman. While it's true that we have been blessed with the ability to bear a child, it is by no means the greatest thing that we can do. Saying so diminishes us as people, simply makes us ovens for your seed.”

      Because it completely owns you.
      There is more to being a woman than having a vagina.
      Moron. 🙂

    • I cant have children and I was born a woman!! Sarah and many other transsexuals are the same as me and you!! You really need educating!!! Sarah keep up the blog your amazing. Im never going to be a girly girl so why should you?! <3

    • I don't see why people are writing such nasty things. Really what are you gaining from it? It is pathetic. Sarah, I totally agree with this blog 🙂 Loveya! X

  2. I grew up liking boys toys, football, hating pink, wearing jeans and doing stuff that wasn't exactly 'female'.
    I hear everything you say and you are right – we genderise too much.
    I've never been a girly girl and I'm not likely to start now. You are who you are.
    I know a lot of my t-girl friends would think the same thing as you're saying in this entry to your blog.
    Thank you for putting it into words 🙂

  3. By your logic, Anonymous, this means that a woman who can't conceive or a woman who has had a hysterectomy is also not a woman. While it's true that we have been blessed with the ability to bear a child, it is by no means the greatest thing that we can do. Saying so diminishes us as people, simply makes us ovens for your seed.

    Basically, shut up.

  4. And not to sound harsh but after watching the show on Channel 4, you seem the least feminine of all the “girls” on the show. You don't have a femine bone in your body at all, and you certainly don't look female and changing your voice, clothes etc will not change that. I think you have been blinded by the idiotic support you get from people like Louise above who just post nonsense on a daily basis like “good for you hun lol xxx” and “well done you are so gorgeous xx” just posting lies and nonsense, building you up which I think is unfair, honesty and truth is the best thing for anyone, sometimes its what people need to wake them up. In my opinion of you gathered over many weeks of watching you, you always had low confidence from how you looked as a man, not sure if you ever had a GF, maybe not. This can have a great effect on a person, they either become a shell and hide away which I assume you did, or they want to become someone new, my opinion is, you didn't always want to be a female, you just decided one day late in life you wanted to because your previous life was shit. Instead you should have stayed with being a man and faced your issues/problems head on and got on with life how you were meant to, as a fully functioning male. Changing your clothes and voice and getting breast implants will change anything, you need to realise this. One day you might wake up and see clearly for the first time and move on with your life, having fake/stupid comments rammed down your throat daily by idiots wont help you. I wish you luck, you are a tortured soul and have many many deep issues, I hope you sort them out once and for all, good luck.

    • How can you comment on something unless you have been through it yourself? You dont know how Sarah feels nor will you ever unless you go through what she has been through.

      People say she is gorgeous because its true, she is, im so proud of her and to be honest, she has more courage than any person I know. Who are you to tell her she cant be happy?
      Sarah, you /are/ gorgeous!

      And I LOVE Top Gear (;

    • Pointing out Sarah's “deep issues” won't help your own deep issues you know? So how about you go to bed? Judging by your actions you must be a child, so do us all a favour and kindly fuck off. Narrow minded keyboard warriors will always be shot down.

    • look here batman your comments are neither welcome nor wanted here, you have no knowledge of transexuals and as said before you need to educate yourself. As a man for the 1st 18 years of my life i did well i had many gfs and worked for bmw, some would say i had a top notch life – but it wasnt me! you have no idea what its like to wake up in the wrong body, to constantly question why your always upset and what its like to be sick to your back teeth of lying to people. now i am a succesfull 20 year old woman, and im happy because i no longer have to lie about who i am! i belive sarah feels the same way. please educate yourself before trolling because its usualy trolls like yourself, useless unloved sad little people whos life is “sh1t” who will take out there anger on others who are happyer and more successfull than yourself. I wont hide from you matey boy my name is kimberly and me and many others see your comments as f all else but transphobia!

    • Here pal gon look up 'pseudohermaphrodytism' being born on GENDER but with the external sex genitals of the other. Bet if u wer tested youd probably have no Y gene present and be technically a femal. Where would your arguement stand then you arrogant prick. People can physically and scientifically be born in the wrong body.

    • Anonymous – I don't get it. Did you Set “Find someone on the Internet and abuse them unti they hopefully cry” as your goal for the day, or something? Regardless of what trans women have to learn abut being women (it's rather less than you might think), it seems you have much to learn about being a human being.

    • You obviously haven't seen as much of the show as the rest of us, Sarah is one of the girls and guys who had started the transformation most recently.
      Sarah maybe one of the girls who looks most like a man, but the others have had longer on treatment and further into their treatment.

      Good luck to your Sarah xoxox

  5. Anonymous, you could easily become batman if you had the money. Become a rich businessperson, find a brilliant tech designer and act out vigilante justice and you could become batman. Ergo by your logic this person can 'become' a woman. (Even though actually by gender she already is)

    You are so right Sarah, I am trans and I like heels and makeup and dresses and all that shit but I love video games and drink pints and play pool and all that stereotypical manly stuff, and it doesnt make me any less female! 100% with you, great blog!

    • When you say “(Even though actually by gender she already is) ” do you honestly believe that? “her” gender is male, he has a penis, his birth certificate says male. The gender is male. Do you not get this? putting on womens clothes and make up does not make him any more a woman than me standing in a garage, makes me a car. You people are scarily brain dead. Urghh.

    • Actually medically there is a difference between Gender and Sex. Gender is the way in which a person's brain and subconcious identifies so actually a person can be biologically male but be of female Gender. Then what should that person do? It makes a hell of a lot of sense to adjust the body to match the personality, self perception, thoughts and emotions of a person.

    • Anon (and all other transphobic people reading this) I seriously challenge you to really look into what “gender” is. Is gender just about what role you play in procreation? If your answer to that is “yes” then where does that put someone who was born a man who is unable to have children?

      From personal experience of being a woman myself, I know that it's more than just having breasts and a vagina. Just as being a man is more than just having a penis. There are certain genetic differences that aren't obvious from the physical self that define what gender you are.

      I know it's difficult to understand but try to. Especially if you're prone to calling people “brain dead”. It would be a shame for someone who valued intelligence as you obviously do to be unwilling to try and stretch their brain into something they don't understand.

  6. Well said Sarah. To the non believers of people being born in the wrong gender. Well my loves it is highly common for a person to be born with external male genitalia whilst carrying NO 'Y' gene makig them XX on te inside- making them Genetically female yet presumable born in the wrong body. If you want to argue your point then please look it up first. Basic human biology .. So ram it with your negativity towards Sarah. She is living her life the way which is true to her.

  7. ps Anonymous. Stop being a Jerk, you know nothing about this person other than what a bunch of TV producers and editors have decided to present you with. I am a strong, independent, beautiful trans woman and when I first began to transition I looked much like Sarah did when she began her transition, as I'm sure Drew and others and even Lea T looked like.

    Leave your hate speech and idiocy somewhere else, this girl is a strong, beautiful person and you are wasting your time trying to bring her down at one in the morning. I'm not going to sit here throwing nasty names at you, I just think you should go and have a look at your own life and what makes you sit and troll a persons blog playing life doctor.

  8. Listen you ignorant excuse for a human.
    You don't even know Sarah, you have no right to say the things you have, have you been through this yourself…probably not, which is why you're being cruel.
    If you have nothing nice to say why the hell are you even following her/friending her/reading her blog.
    You're obviously a sad little man, sat behind his computer trying to take down other people, who are a million time better than you'll ever be.
    FYI – not all women's wombs enable them to have children, some are unable to have children!!
    GROW UP.

  9. I find it highly amusing that most of the people shouting “behind your anonymous account etc” are actually posting behind one themselves and also giving out abuse, where I did not abuse “Sarah”, I simply gave my point of view which is correct but you all have the brain cells of ants and follow each other in gangs posting the same inane drivel day after day and the comments above prove my point exactly. I gave my view on it, its a man. Deal with it. Live your life, be happy but you are male. People have much bigger problems and issues to deal with in life than putting make up and lipstick on and shouting to the world they are now female and hoping the world shouts back “WELL DONE”. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve you morons. Enjoy your one dimensional lives where your “knowledge” is what you read in a woman's magazine you pack of idiots. Society is doomed!

    • Haw mate, ants have a brain size completley proportional to their body mass, as do we. So your comment is irrelevant. I do not get my facts from 'womans magazines' as you put it, i get my facts from textbooks and published scientific journals. The only reason i post with annonymity is because my phone will let me do no other way. My name is louise, i am female, was born female yet unlike yourself i feel no need to rub this fact in anyones faces. just because I was born into the body that suits me does not make me any better than a trans person. People like yourselves are the reason there is so much hate in the world. AND BTW … Adam and steve.. How very creative of you to steal someone elses ad lib. You plamph!! If you are willing to quote adam and eve at all then surely you would realise that adam and eve 'created the world' by having incestual sex with their kids to pro create.. BULLSHIT dear sir. EVOLUTION is the way things happened and even in evolutionary mammals which are not human do change their sex whether to advatage themselves from predation or simply because they wanted to. Their are many many TELEOSTS (fish for your simple mind) which are born female and remain female for a said time and either unexplainedly or beneficially change sex to a male. DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE SITTING BEHIND YOUR KEYBOARD TYPING VULGAR THINGS ON HERE… YOU CALL US SHEEP AND SAY WE FOLLOW ONE ANOTHER IN OUR VIEWS.. YOU SIR ARE THE BIGGEST SHEEP OF ALL, FOLLOWING THE FLOCK OF STEROTYPING BAMPOTS WHCH CULTIVATE OUR LANDS,


    • if this is the same person who commented before, saying that I say this sort of 'pep talk rubbish' all day, I think you need to take a minute to think about what you've actually read. This blog post is about stereotypes of how men and women should behave and what they should enjoy.
      my comment was simply in agreement to the fact that we shouldn't be pigeonholed into what is 'normal' for a boy or girl to like, biologically born that way or not. My comment actually had nothing to do with encouraging transgendered people (however I really do feel that people should be whoever they want to be in life, and if that involves living as the opposite sex that's fine).
      so yes, think about what you're reading and saying before you do so. The fact that you've described your point of view as 'correct' is an oxymoron in itself. get an education you narrowminded individual.

    • Everyone thinks their own point of view is correct. The idea that there are people out there like you, who can't even grasp the idea of another view point other than your own even being possible… that makes me think society is doomed.

      I find it interesting that two sides can completely disagree with each other so strongly. The people who argue against you have the same conviction as you. Surely that means that just because you believe something strongly to be true, doesn't make it true?

      Do try to open your mind a little and understand why people might possibly feel this way, it's a shame for so many people to go on about idiotic people and then to be so closed minded after all…

    • If you don't like that we take the mistakes of nature and put them right for our own health and well being, then just ignore us and take your transphobic, abusive BS somewhere else. The only reason you are here on an anonymous account is because you are a scared little boy who daren't say who you are. Your words show that you are uneducated and a totally stupid moron who doesn't have the mental capacity of an amoeba (that's a microscopic single celled animal) and the only one around here who should go and boil their head.

  10. Funny I see lots of names appearing here…don't really call that Anonymous.

    So what if it was Adam and Eve, it can still be Adam and Steve if people want it to be, and your comment there was majorly homophobic!!!

    Stop being a closed minded pig, and grow up!

    • The two comments above from people of obvious limited intelligence proves my point precisely. You have to say no more only look at the posts and the stupidity that oozes off them and you know the type of people you are dealing with in here. I hope you keep better company in real life, Sarah. These people are to ignorant to see their stupidity.

    • whoever you're talking about I don't think you can comment on their intelligence. I have a Science degree, you however spend your time commenting on blogs belonging to people that you obviously feel no affinity or empathy towards which just shows what you do with your free time.

    • I understand this is confusing because I am a Louise ( i come up as annonymous) an there is another a Louise. She says she has a science degree and I myself hae a degree in Evolutionary Bioscience… To which one of us are you stating to be unintelligent?
      You however are a cretin by the sounds of it. I do wonder if your parents are proud of you.. Were you not loved as a child? Is this why you spew hate on an innocent persons blog.

      blogs are after all just an online diary. no one asked for your commets. The box for 'reply' is there pnly because the blog site deemed it necessary not because Sarah needs your opinion to decide whicshe likes to do. I have never been a girlie girl an I never will be… This however does not define my gender.

      SARAH, screw these haters, come to Glasgow. POLO AWAITS 😀

  11. I'm not the most girlie of girls nor am I the sexiest of women and I know I never will be but at least I am becoming my true self as I should be. None of that stops my love of cars, though my tastes have changed with my happier self. In my previous boring male life, my favourite car was the S type Jaguar. Five years ago was when things started to change for me and my favourite car is now a Shelby Mustang GT 500KR in silver with blue go faster stripes. I still adore buying a new pair of stilletos or trying out a new nail colour. I was told not to wear jeans as they weren't ladylike. Funny, but I haven't seen many men wearing jeans embroidered with floral patterns and sequins! The UK's first m2f transexual was Roberta Cowell back in the early 1950s. She carried on with her business of designing, building and racing her own cars professionally. Vicki Butler-Henderson from Channel Five's Fifth Gear was a racer long before she started on that show and has been a long time friend of co-hosts Tiff Needell and Jason Plato. I bet that any red blooded male who thinks that cars are for men only wouldn't say no to a date with Miss Butler-Henderson! Get real and accept that pigeon holing by gender means less than a fart in a thunderstorm! I suppose that these MCPs are going to genderise my language next!

  12. If your interests show what gender you are then most of the human race is half man half woman.

    I love top gear, video games, action films, technology and I also love baking, sewing, reading, photography and romance novels. I wonder what gender the person you spoke to would label me?

    (I love your blog btw, as well as your name, us Sarah's are awesome 😉

  13. If you so desperately believe yourself to be a female trapped inside a mans body surely you would not still behave as a man?

  14. Sarah, this is a great blog, I am enjoying it very much. Keep it up and don't let twonks like that anonymous cowardly prat with the transphobic mindset stop you from being the wonderful you that you are. My award for favourite reply has to go to anonymous Louise with the phone that won't let her name herself. I liked it so much that I had to borrow the bit about boiling your head!

  15. Ignore the idiot who sent the first comment and any idiot that agrees with them. Having a womb doesnt make you a woman, what about all those 'natural' born women who dont have the ablity to have a baby are they not women? Because they cant give the gift of life. Its how you think and feel not biology that determines our true gender as if it was biology anyone womoan incapable of concieving a child would be feeling pretty redundant right now. Idiot. If your a girl in your head then your a girl.

  16. I really cannot believe the willful ignorance shown by some people. All this womb/penis = man/woman stuff. Gender identity (and life!) are not about what someone can be reproductively used for! If you want to know what someone's gender is, then listen to them.

  17. I have a few friends who are petrol heads. All but one are women. The guy has least practical experience with cars and least real knowledge.

    Stereotypes all fail in the end. Some of them can be nasty to try and break (as all minorities know) but they all fail.

  18. Reading some of these horrible comments on here makes me feel sick, literally. Some people are so closed minded and cold hearted..But YOU are an amazing women and I'm so glad you came onto my tv and into my life 🙂 The show is already changing the attitudes about transexuals within people my age. (teenagers)You're beautiful and inspirational, keep up the really really amazing work and continue with your blog and twitter! love to be updates on how things are going(: I know everybody tells you to ignore the stupid ignorant comments on here, but you really do have too, there are FAR FAR more people out there that love you than those that go out of their way to be hateful. I guess people just can't trust what they don't understand.

    All my love! <3

  19. I see more idiots have chose to comment here since last night, as I said the type of people in here are the lower class, the uneducated, oh that is apart from the two intelligent girls above with Science degrees Ha. Both are still incredibly stupid and having a degree does not prove otherwise. As for the rest of the comments stating I was hateful and abusive etc etc, read them again, I never abused Sarah, just gave him my opinion on what he is doing is wrong basically and he needs to face up to his problems and move forward, instead of trying to change person, we are given one life, one body, one mind, not a selection of faces to choose from like some sort of Barbie doll. You lot live in a fantasy world where you think you are right about everything, because you have to go through “struggles” of what exactly? you are pathetic in my opinion if you think you have the world on your shoulders just because you want to be a woman, and that comment is for everyone in here. Go and speak to somebody who has cancer and ask them how they are, you wont find many wanting to become a different gender because of it, they face up to their issues and move forward best they can. Its easy to see why people have little respect for Trans people, your comments in here prove just why, no it alls and believe the world owes them something, God help you, you all need your head seeing and your eyes opened.

    • You only live once hy spend your life in a body you dont want? bit stupid really when scientists have come up with the techonolgoy to help people like sarah along with there transtion so are you calling the hundreds of scientists drs nurses and investers brain dead and uneducated to? if your being like this then you on your phon typing on your computer flying in a plane travelling on a boat is not right as well and we should all stand grounded cause were not ducks birds or fish we have no fins or feathers as 'god' didnt intend us to or adam and (st)eve didnt have them were we are today is all down to evolution and technology maybe you should keep up cause sarah IS a WOMAN and she is BEAUTIFUL and were continue to develop in to a beautiful woman. Im a male i have all male traites and i look male doesnt m ean i was born one or wasnt born one you wouldnt no unless i said something so cut her some slack cause ones shes done she will have the best life she can have all because she went with bravery courage and chose with her heart and brain not by what your steryotypical rulebook says to do ph by the way im matthew so dont think im chicken hidinbg behind anonymus its just the easier option to choose unfortunatly you picked it cause your scared cause you no the comments your putting are infact wrong have your opinion dont voice it to people who dont care

    • Who are you to state what's right and what's wrong? Who on earth do you think you are? You're nothing, you're pathetic and bashing the trans community and the “lower classes, the uneducated” isn't going to make you superior. You look like a bigoted idiot and until you've walked a mile in their shoes you have no right to judge.

      Keep going Sarah, you're such an inspiration. (:

  20. First of all ” We ” do not need god's help – maybe you are hoping to get some – your choice. Calling someone stupid etc. just proves you are an ignorant and cannot have a conversation with other people. By using the vulgarisms you just let everyone know that you do not have any other arguments in your hand .Even if ” we ” live in fantasy world it's our world not yours – and nobody is going to invite you there so you do not have to worry about that. It seems like you are jealous cause ” we ” see more meaning in our lives than you will ever have. Probably you need to speak to someone that has been suffering from cancer to learn some respect towards other human beings as you have none . Your problem is that your view of the world ends at the edge of your nose .

  21. listen anonymous we are who we are i am a christian and i am transgender u might not like transgnder ppl or that or understand us but we all love sarah and she is awesome person and u r the 1 who is lower class not anyone else u r unaware or transgender ppl and of the LGBT community b4 u start on anyone else take a look in the mirror first

  22. Anonymous ! One of your comments at the very beginning stated that you watched My Transsexual Summer and you have been following Sarah for 'many weeks'. It is strange how you watch a trans based programme and follow a transsexual person 'for weeks'. Why is that, if you have no empathy with them and just want to abuse them. You say that you did not abuse Sarah, then I refer to your comment 'you are pathetic'; is that no abuse.
    My name is Roisin, I am a trans female, and I run a multi million pound retail company and so am not considered unintelligent. Many women play and take part in what you refer to as 'masculine' activities. There are many females who go to watch football; many who like cars (my best friend (she) also is a petrolhead), and I, for one, am a martial arts instructor with over 32 years experience. There are other women of a similar high rank in what is considered a predominantly male orientated sport.
    The saying comes to mind, “Methinks he doth protest too much”. Have you got a problem with your own gender/sexuality etc? It seems such a personal attack I reckon you actually either knew Sarah from Jersey or from places that she has lived in the UK (most notably Wales). This seems too much of a personal attack than a random one.

  23. Tea and cake anyone? Gotta love the internet
    I like people. Black, white, green, straight, gay, trans, whatever! Beats me how some people want a fight ON THE FECKING INTERNET! Got a life mate.

  24. When you think of the support given in this blog and on facebook and anywhere else you have received the support is fantastic. I have followed you on MTS and found it inspirational.

    You then get idiots like 'anonymous' who is probably suffering from their own issues but decides to come onto other peoples blogs and forums and just abuse people for the sake of it.

    I would ignore it and carry on regardless.


  25. Hi Sarah, The ignorant & closed minded people who have responded to your blog in a negative way should wake up & realise that their views are very outdated & not helpful to anyone – it's these people who have issues with anything that doesn't fit their idea of 'normal'. Having an opinion is one thing, but being rude & blinkered is totally wrong.

  26. Ignore the losers. Ur lush it wouldnt matter if u were woman, man or flipping alien! Ur still a person with thoughts and feelings.. don't let idiots get to u. Ur fab.

  27. Again we have people complaining about posting as anonymous yet they post themselves behind the same accounts, stupidity. As for the rest, well its just what I was talking about last night, the same idiotic responses you expect to hear from a bunch of girls at a bus stop ” you are lush honey lol xxx ” etc etc my advice is go and study and read a book, rather than looking stupid on here, because that is all you are doing.

  28. Um.

    I love Top Gear. I loved Scrapheap Challenge.

    I love classic cars and motorbikes and I love to tinker around with them.

    Don't know who your friend is, but they don't know a lot about women!

  29. Go Sarah! Well said, and so true!
    I'm sorry, I couldn't read through the comments, the ones I did look at were way too silly to bother. I think that the people who just don't get it and who keep insisting on strongly gendering everything: well, I can only see them as rather anxious about themselves. If you attack someone else you're only pointing out how insecure you are. Stop already.

    I'm female and I love figuring out how stuff works. I've never been near a car but if I'd get the chance, I'd love to tinker! Let me loose on a photocopier with an attitude, I'll show you what I mean. I personally can't get all that excited about shoes (now, if I could get someone to custom-make me a pair of kitten heels, that'd be a different matter), I can take or leave makeup, but I love well-fitting clothes in gorgeous colours. And I can ride a motorcycle. We all have differing likes and dislikes, skills and stuff we don't give a stuff about and trying to squeeze people in gendered boxes is just plain annoying.
    Let's all be who we are and be happy with who that is. And the trolls: goodness sake, stop showing off your ignorance, you're boring.

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