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  1. I just finished watching a re-run of ‘My Transgender Summer’, and re-realised that out of all the folks featured, that it was you I felt the most compassion for – you, who I really wanted the best for, and was egging on to the glorious finish line (wherever-and-whenever that may be)! So, a couple of google-clicks later, and I’m sending this ‘test’ to ask, “how are you doing?” I sincerely hope you’re well-and-good-and-happy in life. Genuinely.

  2. Your comment shuold be read by every single person who , out of ignorance, speaks of transgender wannabes like above. Would anyone volunteer for such painful experiences ?I want to send you all the encouragement I can. All I can offer is understanding and compassion. All the best to you and your family! This bewildering situation is not any of us would have chosen, but our children make us become much stronger than we imagined, and we can pass this test for them and with them. Blessings!

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