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The joy in the dirty jobs

Everybody loves to make software that is glamorous, beautiful, and amazing.

But very few people like doing the grunt work that it takes to get there.

Work like devops, deployment, CI/CD pipeline management, project management, and more is required for every project to succeed. Being able to dive deep into the bowels of a framework or package, uncover why the pipeline is failing every so often, or determining the best way to deploy an application into the cloud are all crucial tasks that few people truly would claim to enjoy.

And yet there’s something magical about doing the dirty jobs, the undesirable tasks, the problem solving and heavy-lifting required to actually get something done. Yes, you likely don’t get the accolades that the front end team does, but you are still just as critical to the mission and execution as they are. Maybe even more-so.

Find joy in doing the hard, dirty tasks that nobody wants to do. Not only will you be indispensable, you’ll be incredibly valuable and the reward you receive will be satisfaction in knowing that you did the hard things that nobody else wanted to do.

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