Trans* Pride Brighton 26-28 July 2013

In only 8 weeks Brighton will host the UK’s first ever Pride event celebrating gender diversity. We are a not-for-profit, non party political community group, here to inspire and promote inclusivity of all trans, intersex, gender variant and queer people to help us make a real difference. By promoting equality and diversity through visibility, we will educate and eliminate discrimination we face, and also to celebrate our unique history and gender diversity.


As a proud member of the comittee for Trans* Pride Brighton 2013, I’m very excited that all preperations are going well and we are looking forward to what promises to be a truly wonderful and memorable event


Unfortunately however we’ve been let down by some local organisations who we had hoped would be more supportive of the event, and as a result we are having to re-evaluate our resources and redouble our fundraising efforts.


While we’re all working very hard to make this event happen for the community, we need your help and we need it now! Please consider donating whatever you can, no matter how small, sharing and encouraging others to do the same. Every little helps!


Also, any fundraising initiatives such as sponsored swims, cake sales or similar would be warmly welcomed. Please get in touch through if you’d like us to provide you with headed sponsor forms or fundraising resources.


For one-off donations in the meantime, however, here is out Go FundMe page. Please share and distribute widely.


Trans Pride Brighton, putting the T first.

27 thoughts on “Trans* Pride Brighton 26-28 July 2013

  1. Greetings from Chicago! There is a restaurant in Brighton that I know the owner – Hasan of Pomegranate – who might help. I owned a restaurant with him in Austin, TX. He doesn’t know I am trans* yet, as I haven’t seen him in ages. If you see him, tell him ‘Miguel is transgender’, and that you got this ‘from his father’. You might get something out of it. Best of luck to you on the Pride Event. I will be in Paris at that time and may try to sneak over for a few days if I can.


  2. Having just moved here from London, I’m well excited by all this – but it’s a bit confusing as to what’s going on, and how to get in on the event.
    There’s no addresses for pubs or places to meet here.
    We need ALL the info, clearly listed, and with only a month to go, less of the TBC please!
    This is constructive criticism I hope – not intended to moan!
    Thanks and well done – but lets get it sorted out CLEARLY PLEASE!!

  3. We are a Transgender Support Group, we would love to have a stall on the 27th July at you pride for information only ,we are a non profit voluntary group many thanks Francesca

  4. This is indeed a big step & a massive positive boost for the Transgender community. But please can you tell me where people are initially congregating please?
    Many thanks in advance,
    Lesley xx

    • I must admit, for the 1st time in a long while you’ve made me miss London. That sounds like a great day out, and throw Hamleys into the day, and you have a great Xmas Day Out. Think i best get the train ticket. Thanks. Larry

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  5. If I had not just spent a fortune at Sparkle I would be coming to this at the drop of a hat. Still thinking of finding a way down for the 27th to show my support. Good luck with this weekend and i will mark it in to my next years calendar of events for sure! X

  6. Hi im hoping to come and meet Sabah in New Steine Gardens to see about volunteering….I havent mixed for a while and really wud like to make new friends….fair play for all your hard work and organisation skills!!!!!!!! Very impressive xxlee

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