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In defense of the “monolithic microservice”

There are a plethora of articles online about how microservices are bad. And I tend to agree with many of them – microservices are often a solution in search of a problem, and when you have multiple services running and communicating with each other, you have an increase in the number of overall problems you face as a developer. So why in the world would I recommend a microservices architecture to my client?! The truth… continue reading.

A Commitment to Community

Last week I attended php|tek in Chicago. During the conference, a number of speakers espoused the value and importance of contributing to the open source community. Ben Ramsey talked about how his contributions to open source didn’t seem to be valued in his most recent job search. He also talked about the value and importance of saving PHP. Michelle Sanver talked about the importance of community and the value in being part of it, but… continue reading.